Documentation and training materials

The BIOSCAN program aims to scale barcoding efforts to a global scale with contributors from all regions. This will only be possible if documentation and training materials are available and appropriate to meet the needs of newcomers to the field of barcoding and also to support experience practitioners as new techniques and methods are developed globally.

Standardisation is important at all stages, including field collection, handling of specimens and samples, primer selection, use of sequencing platforms and many other aspects. Lessons learned in one project or country may help other researchers undertaking similar research. Adoption of consistent methods and practices will enhance our ability to compare sequences and data from different projects.

Attendees at the recent Australian Barcode of Life Network meeting expressed a wish for a community-edited wiki-style handbook that could be developed and continually updated to meet these needs.

The Barcode of Life Data Systems Handbook provides an up-to-date (2019) overview of the BOLD platform and guidance on its use. However, there is no similar handbook that documents all other aspects relevant to BIOSCAN.

Please identify areas where you believe more documentation or other information resources are needed. Feel free to suggest ways to develop and maintain this information.

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