BIOSCAN partnerships with ecological and environmental monitoring networks

The draft Strategic Plan includes the following as one of the strategies for developing the community:

  1. Develop partnerships with ecological and environmental monitoring networks

    Develop and adopt protocols that integrate efficiently with broader efforts to survey and monitor ecosystems.

Engagement with monitoring networks will increase the reach of BIOSCAN to record biodiversity from more regions, ecosystems and time periods and will offer opportunities to improve sampling strategies in light of established best practices.

What should be done to build linkages between BIOSCAN and major ecological and environmental monitoring networks?

What networks are best positioned to work with BIOSCAN?

Some existing networks that already make use of DNA barcoding are:

A maybe good opportunity would be eLTER
We should definitely go for Long-Term Research

Thanks @szucsich. You are quite correct. eLTER should be a highly significant initiative with which we should seek to align in Europe. I am interested to know whether any iBOL stakeholders are already involved in eLTER planning.

Other relevant initiatives include the recently announced LIFEPLAN project, which will include malaise trapping at many sites globally and will be partnering with iBOL to achieve this, and many national-scale ecosystem research networks, such as the Australian TERN initiative.